Create a Feature

In this part of tutorial, you will create a feature that create an aspx page on SharePoint Team Site.

Tip: Please make sure you have set up worker service.

Step 1. Create a Feature in worker

Create a new folder called Features under ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\.

Inside the newly created folder, run the following cmd:

omnia dev new spfeature --name HelloOmniaFxFeature

There are 2 files will be created:



Follow the instruction written in HelloOmniaFxFeature.cs:

  • Update the namespace of the file:
namespace HelloOmniaFx.Worker.Features
  • Install nuget package: Omnia.Fx.NetCore.SharePoint.

  • Add the configuration code in ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\Program.cs:

omniaConfig.AddOmniaFxWorker((options) =>
    options.AddFeatureHandlers((featureProviderOptions) =>
  • Add code to provision aspx file on to SharePoint site:
private async Task ActivateOrUpdate()
    var spUrl = AppInstance.Properties.ContextParams.EnsureContextParamStringValue(Omnia.Fx.SharePoint.Constants.Parameters.SPUrl);
    var ctx = SharePointClientContextProvider.CreateClientContext(spUrl);

    //await ctx.ExecuteQueryAsync();

    var sitePageList = ctx.Web.GetList(ctx.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/SitePages");

    var pageRelativeUrl = ctx.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/SitePages/HelloOmniaFx.aspx";
    var page = ctx.Web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(pageRelativeUrl);
    ctx.Load(page,f => f.Exists);

    await ctx.ExecuteQueryAsync();

    if (!page.Exists)
        ListItem item = sitePageList.RootFolder.Files.AddTemplateFile(pageRelativeUrl, TemplateFileType.StandardPage).ListItemAllFields;
        await ctx.ExecuteQueryAsync();

Step 2. Deploy

Deploy the extension to your dev tenant.

Try to activate the feature on a Teamwork app.

Step 3. Debug

Now, You might notice that the sample feature is activated failed. So you need to debug and fix it!

Disable the worker that running on cloud server so that the local worker can pick up the activation queue messages.

omnia extensions scale {worker-service-id} --tenantid {tenant-id} --replicas 0	

Tip: You can find the worker-service-id defined in ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\omnia.service.ts.

Start debugging and activate the feature again.

Remember to enable the worker again after debugging it.

omnia extensions scale {worker-service-id} --tenantid {tenant-id} --replicas 1	

Step 4. Test the feature

The page ../SitePages/HelloOmniaFx.aspx will be created on the SharePoint site that activated the feature.


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