Call Omnia APIs externally

  1. Create an Omnia extension

    Lean how to create an Omnia extensionopen in new window

  2. Generate a client credentials (a pair of ClientId/ClientSecret) for that extension.

    omnia secrets add --tenantid {tenantid} --extensionid {extensionid} --name {name}


    Run the below cmd to generate a secret for an extension on a tenant

    omnia secrets add --tenantid 9b0c2314-1a84-471a-8032-b547a66dc89e --extensionid 6bf14e2e-5636-4da8-8e00-5cde9709ecee --name CredentialForUsingInPowerAutomate

    Then you must save the output information, this is the only time the secret will be show.

        "Name": "CredentialForUsingInPowerAutomate",
        "ExtensionId": "6bf14e2e-5636-4da8-8e00-5cde9709ecee", //ClientId
        "Value": "ysCKgSZ7CtIy6m6iSws6F3nOt9yPMQTi", //ClientSecret
        "CreatedBy": "",
        "CreatedAt": "2020-10-05T04:38:34.0119016+00:00"

    Tip: For more information, visit Extension Secret Commands

  3. Add the client credentials to http request headers to be able to call Omnia APIs.

    ClientIdextension id
    ClientSecreta secret of the extension

    You should first call to your own Omnia extension APIs, then using other fx nuget. So that you can maintain the fx changes.