Create a Timer Job

So far in this tutorial, you have created a Web App service HelloOmniaFx.Web that serves UI resources and APIs.

In this part of tutorial, you will create a Worker service HelloOmniaFx.Worker that run a Timer Job.

Step 1. Create a worker service

Create worker:

omnia dev new worker -n HelloOmniaFx.Worker -o C:\your-hello-omnia-fx-path\extension.json

Generate appsettings.local.json:

omnia dev appsettings get --path C:\your-hello-omnia-fx-path\extension.json --tenantid {tenant-id}

Step 2. Create a Timer Job in worker

Create a new folder called TimerJobs under ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\.

Inside the newly created folder, run the following cmd:

omnia dev new timerjob --name HelloOmniaFxTimerJob

A new .cs file will be created at ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\TimerJobs\HelloOmniaFxTimerJob.cs.

Follow the instruction written in HelloOmniaFxTimerJob.cs:

  • Update the namespace of the file.
namespace HelloOmniaFx.Worker.TimerJobs
  • Add the configuration code in ..\HelloOmniaFx.Worker\Program.cs.
hostbuilder.ConfigureServices(serviceCollection => {

Step 3. Run it

Build and start the worker.

Try to debug it.


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