Omnia 7 Migration

This article explains how to update an existing Omnia extension from version 6 to 7

WARNING: 7.0 contains preview features such as ...


Run the below cmd to update new Omnia cli

dotnet tool update -g omnia

Run the below cmd to update all cli templates:

omnia dev new --install 7.0.0 --force

Run the below cmd to update all fx npm/nuget packages:

Replace 7.0.x of each package with the version that running on your tenant. Find those version in Omnia Admin > System > Extensions

  • Omnia Fx
omnia dev update omniafx -v 7.0.x -p C:\your-extension-path
  • OmniaWebContentManagement Fx
omnia dev update wcmfx -v 7.0.x -p C:\your-extension-path
  • OmniaWorkplace Fx
omnia dev update workplacefx -v 7.0.x -p C:\your-extension-path